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What is IP address remembering service?
If you are traveling or if your target computers are on the internet, then the IP address (Internet Protocol computer identification number on the internet) is constantly changed. If you want to connect to your target computer OR if your target computers are automatically connect to you, they both should know each others Internet Protocol address. IP address is a big number that is hard to remember. PIRAVI.COM provides a convenient service that keep the the IP address of both computers in an interval of 15 minutes. This service comes with your purchase for the first year. Then you must renew your subscription in order for the service to be active.
With IP address remembering service, you can connect to your target computer as 'toms-pc.piravi.com' instead of typing his IP address (This is an example).
If your subscription expires and you do not renew it, then the IP remember service will no longer work.
IP remember service makes it easy for you to monitor your target computer.
Service availability and rules: You must not use silent manager to perform any illegal activity. Piravi.com will not be responsible for any of your action. You will be solely responsible.
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