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Super Yahoo Decoder let you Read Yahoo Message Archives offline even  without password!!!

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 Super Silent Manager

 Download Page

   Fully Functional Free Trial - Version


 Step 1:  Download and install the  Silent Manager  in your computer.

Click here to download the Silent Manager  (600 KB)


Step 2: Also, download and install the Silent Client Engine in the target computer you want to monitor.

Click here to download the Silent Client Engine (200KB)

 Client Engine program is hidden, silent and starts automatically. You can install it on the target computer via email or remotely!

Normal users won't detect it!!!  

If you do not have physical access to their computer then you can install it remotely!.

  • Silent Client Engine can be installed on their computer using a CD drive, Flash/Thumb Drive , shared network drive or directly from the internet. You can Also use our new remote installation without even going to their computer.

  • Easy To Use, Even nowise can use it.

  • Works stealthily

  • Integrated user interface

  • Starts automatically with Windows

  • Uses less than 1% of CPU power, you will not notice that it is running

  • It will capture the screen of their computer and send to your desktop real-time, also the pictures from web cam and voice from their microphone.



Installation steps completed?


Now you are ready to watch other computers!!!


Read more:


Monitor the Computers of your Children, Employees, Family or Girl/Boy Friend,etc


Want to see a copy of their computer screen on your own computer!!!

Watch their physical activities through their web cam!!!

Listen to their conversations by listening to their microphone!!

Watch Desktop, Web cam & Listen to Microphone - Ultimate tool

Yes, 3 in 1 But All Silently! without that person knowing it!!!


Is your Spouse cheating online? Do your kids visit porn sites?
Are your Employees wasting company time surfing the internet?

  • Easy to use, even for novices

  • Works stealthily

  • Integrated user interface

  • Starts automatically with Windows

  • Uses less than 1% of CPU power, you will not notice that it is running

 If you like the free trial please find out how to get a license number key by click on the license key

Click Here to Read All Facts about this Program!


Free Trial is Fully Functional

Watch other computers from your laptop / computer. You can even watch your home computer from office computer / laptop even when you are traveling. You don't have to even remember the home IP Address. We have free IP Address remembering Service let you just click on the "Connect" button and the IP will be automatically obtained to connect to your home computer. So easy.


 See a Screen Shot Before you Try it Click Here

This program can also be used to watch your Pets at home by watching the home web cam  and listening to the sound through your computer micro phone. How easy? Click here


If you have any questions on how to use the Super Silent Monitor then please read Click here for documentation

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