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Super Offline

Yahoo Archive Decoder

Easy to use

Super Silent Manager

Silently Watch a Remote Computer


Lost Your Yahoo ID?

No Problem, You can still read your chat history using our archive decoder


 Want to read other's yahoo chat archives without their password ??


You can read everybody's chat history archive without their password not even logging into yahoo!!!

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Even Enable Archiving without their password

Decodes All Conversations

Instant Messages Conferences, Mobile Messages and Even Enable Every ones Archiving without their password

Save conversations as HTML

Help & F.A.Q


 Yes! Silently monitor the remote computer desktop, web cam and microphone. Without that person knowing it !!!


Desktop Monitoring: Watch internet browsing, chatting and other computer activities real time!!!


Web-cam: Watch their physical activities through the web-cam.


Microphone: Listen to their conversations on around their computer.


You can watch and save to disk the same time!!!


Ultimate tool for watching the computer usage of your Children / Employees / Your Family Members / Friends, etc


Super Silent Manager

Version 2.01

Fully Functional free Trial


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Great Tool for watching your children, employees, family members or anybody working on your home network, office network or even some where on the internet!

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